Kate Middleton showed her childhood photo for the first time – fans are surprised.

Childhood_photographs of members of the royal_family are not uncommon. But not archival photographs_of_Kate Middleton – there are very few of them on the Internet. The Princess of Wales was born into a simple family; her childhood was not public. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photo that Kate showed at a service in Westminster Abbey in London caused a stir. „Sharing some holiday memories_this_Christmas because our early years and the role those around_us_play in shaping_the_rest of our lives are important,“ she captioned the shot.

The picture was taken in 1983 – then the princess was only a year old. The red-haired baby touched fans, but more delight was caused by the fact that Kate and her son Louis are like two_peas_in_a_pod. “Absolute lie, this is the little prince,” Page Six quotes a fan. “At first I thought it was a photo of Prince Louis,” another fan added. “Gen Middleton is incredibly strong,” said a third. The boy, however, inherited only external characteristics from his mother: fans believe that Kate in childhood was hardly as mischievous as her youngest son. But it is not exactly. The princess always calmly reacts to Louis’s antics, Kate obviously understands him well.

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