Irina Shayk and Tom Brady are still together, but they can’t make the relationship official: what’s the matter.

While we were mixing and divorcing Irina Shayk with Tom Brady, they, as it turned out, had been together all this time. Moreover, fans have already predicted the model’s resumption of an affair with her daughter’s father Bradley Cooper, and haters predict a lonely old age due to the fact that Ira couldn’t decide between Brady and Bradley. But Shayk, in fact, did not need any predictions, and everything is fine with her in romantic matters.

As the Daily Mail has learned, the relationship between Irina and Tom has reached a new level. They see each other, although rarely, but regularly, and the connection becomes “more permanent” and stronger. At any moment, these two can make their romance official, but not everything is so simple: neither of them dares to take the first step. “They are attracted to each other, they like to hang out, but they play the game, spend time with each other when it suits them. They continue to talk and are comfortable with each other to the point where it will lead to something more permanent if they allow it,” the insider shared.

It is also clarified that now the romance is more reminiscent of that stage of a relationship when both love each other, but really don’t want to be the first to say it out loud. In short, everything is as the public books from the 2000s and 1900s bequeathed to us: “Whoever said “I love” first lost.”

Well, jokes aside, 37-year-old Shayk and 46-year-old Brady are very careful in this relationship. Apparently, because both have a serious love background and careers are a priority. Give them a little more time for their personal lives, the source says, everything would have developed much faster.

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