A close friend of Matthew Perry revealed shocking details about the actor’s addiction.

The death_of_“Friends” star_Matthew_Perry came as a real surprise to many precisely because by that time the actor had practically managed to leave behind all his addictions and find a free, happy life. Jennifer Aniston, a long-time colleague on the set, admitted that Matthew had stopped_using_illegal_substances a long time ago and was going to live many more years of joy. And Perry himself wrote about the same thing in his own revelations.

However, as it turned out, not everything is so rosy in this story. A close friend of the actor, who wished_to_remain_anonymous, recently spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed shocking details about Perry’s life. It turns out that the on-screen Chandler Bing never gave up drugs and alcohol, but simply deceived his family and fans. “He lied to everyone about his purity. He was never like this. This is very sad. And you know, the biggest_lie was probably to myself,” the insider shared.

Let us recall that the cause of death was previously named: it was a prohibited drug, from which Matthew, by his own admission, had previously been tried to refuse.

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