Kim Kardashian reacted sharply to Kourtney’s name-calling: a new scandal in the Hollywood family.

Scandals and intrigues in the Kardashian-Jenner family are, although commonplace, extremely dramatic for fans, especially if the conflict flares up between the sisters themselves. That is why the tension between Kim and Kourtney, which does not subside, but quite the opposite, causes great concern among fans.

The trailer for the new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was released the other day, where, judging by the footage, one of the main confrontations is precisely the struggle between two celebrities. Moreover, if before both only exchanged facts (well, for example, Kim repeatedly stated that Courtney stole her wedding), now the enmity has reached the next stage level.

One of the girls’ telephone conversations was included in the reality, where Kanye West’s ex-wife accuses her older sister of hating other family members. She, in general, does not deny this feeling. Before ending the dialogue, she angrily shouted into the phone: “You’re just a witch. I hate you!“ The reaction is expected: Kim is beside herself.

What can I say, it will be hot! And while you’re deciding which side to take, take a look at what Western audiences think about it. Spoiler: opinions are divided. “I agree with Courtney. Kim is a tone-deaf, shameless narcissist…she puts her ego before her sister’s feelings,“ „The real reason Kourtney hates Kim is because Travis was once in love with Kim,“ „Is this an American Horror Story trailer“ ? #Witch,” wrote Page Six readers.

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