It became known why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter a man’s name.

The stars began their journey to a large family in 2014. Then their_first_daughter,_James, was_born. The girl’s name has since raised a lot of questions among the public, because it is given exclusively to boys. But Ryan Reynolds had his own motive. The actor, as it turned out, named the eldest heir after his father, James Chester Reynolds, who died after a long_battle_with_Parkinson’s_disease in 2015. Talking about this on Good Morning Britain, Deadpool star Reynolds almost shed tears himself, but just in time he diluted the drama with a traditional_joke. “In the spectrum_of_weird_celebrity baby_names, I don’t feel like we’re breaking_new_ground_here. I didn’t call her_Summer_Squash_Meadowlark,” Hello Magazine quotes the actor.

The name of the fourth daughter_of_Ryan_Reynolds and_Blake_Lively, by the way, is still unknown. The actor had once already confused annoying journalists who were trying to find out more information about the baby, but he blabbed that he had a daughter again. Look, the secret will be revealed in the next interview. In the meantime, fans are having fun on the Internet, going through the names of other heirs of the star couple, and rolling out their assumptions. But so far it has not been possible to draw an analogy between James, Inez and Betty.

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