49-year-old Kate Moss was caught by paparazzi while walking – netizens are horrified.

Age has spared Monica Bellucci, but Kate Moss, unfortunately, did not win the genetic lottery. The iconic model is now 49 years old – she was able to maintain a slim figure, but she was not able to protect herself from the signs of aging. This is especially noticeable in recent photographs of the paparazzi who caught the star near one of the restaurants in London. Kate, with a cigarette in her hand, was enthusiastically talking to someone – a situation for photographers hunting for sensations is literally worth its weight in gold.

Readers of the Daily Mail, as the journalists wanted, made great comments on the star’s appearance: “old”, “scary”, “terrible” – Internet users competed in epithets. Some even suggested that Kate was not doing well in her life, either with her health or her mood. But those who know a little about the life of the top model condemned her for her addiction and… hypocrisy. It is known that she has been addicted to cigarettes for a long time, but last year the model launched the Cosmos wellness brand, emphasizing that she “started to take care of herself.” She did not directly say that Kate had given up nicotine, but fans are convinced that with such a habit it is impossible to promote a healthy lifestyle. “I will never buy her cosmetics again,” one reader of the publication was angry. “Lies to your face for money,” another supported.

You can still praise Kate. For example, because she does not try to grab time by the tail and is not interested in plastic surgery. But we still advise you to stop using nicotine.

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