Kim Kardashian fueled rumors of an affair with her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Well, well, they say that serious changes are coming in Kim Kardashian’s personal life – a new romance is just around the corner! According to sources close to the celebrity, communication between the celebrity and the new chosen one is becoming closer, and they spend more and more time.

As the Daily Mail has learned, Kim’s potential lover is an NFL star and colleague of her friend Tom Brady, 30-year-old Odell Beckham Jr. What’s even more interesting is that a few years ago, Beckham Jr. was suspected of having an affair with Khloe Kardashian – such juicy details! Yes, it seems to smell like something is fried. Although it is worth noting that such intertwining is not the first time for the Hollywood family – it’s not for nothing that everyone is discussingthat the husband of the pregnant Kourtney is one of Kim’s exes.

So far, the insider adds, the relationship between 42-year-old Kardashian and the American football player can be called friendly: they often hang out and have a lot in common. However, we all know very well that the strongest connections arise from friendship.

By the way, Odell just recently broke up with his girlfriend, so Kim is just in time to lend her friendly shoulder and support a friend in such a difficult period. She herself does not plan to start anything serious, but, as it is clarified, her heart is open to love: “Right now she is not seriously_dating_anyone, but she_is_ready_to_find_love again if she meets the right_person. Her main focus now is on her children and business.”

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