Actress Angelina Jolie admitted how her children saved her during a difficult period in her life.

If children are the flowers of life, then Angelina Jolie is the owner of a luxurious bouquet, which every now and then brings her joy, and sometimes, in especially dark periods of life, even saves her. The actress honestly spoke about this in a recent interview with American Vogue. By the way, a stunning celebrity photo is on the cover of this month’s magazine!

In a frank conversation, Angie admitted that her whole life was turned upside down when she first became a mother at the age of 26 (of course, about her scandalous past is known to everyone), and motherhood itself seemed to teach her how to live and interact with the world again. Now, Jolie shares, she is going through a difficult period – apparently, we are talking about the protracted divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt, which ended quite recently – and the children turned out to be a real salvation for her her. “I think, because of the recent events in my life, I would have gone down a dark path if I didn’t want to live for them,” the publication quotes her.

The actress said that, in addition to serious things like caring for her sons and daughters, guardianship and the desire to keep them safe, she tries to be a friend to them and is not averse to having fun together. Often children themselves make fun of their mother. We hope that with the recent outrage and criticism on the Internet about the celebrity going out together with her daughter Vivienne, they were also able to laugh heartily!

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