Hugh Jackman started an affair with a married actress 3 months after his divorce.

The actor did not grieve for long after breaking up with Deborra-Lee Furness, with whom he had been married for 27 years. Hugh Jackman, writes InTouch with reference to an insider, started an affair with Broadway star Sutton Forest, a colleague in the musical “The Music Man”. “Their romance on Broadway is no secret,” the insider said. Another source also did not deny the connection between Hugh and Sutton, noting that the actor was obsessed with his colleague from their first meeting: “He followed her everywhere like a puppy!”

However, another insider said that it was Hugh who charmed the actress. During the preparation of the musical, the informant says, he had great authority – he also participated in the casting. Even then, at the selection stage, Hugh treated his future lover as a star. This, the source added, was what delighted her.

Rumors immediately spread on the Internet that Sutton’s appearance was an excellent explanation for Hugh’s sudden separation from his wife. However, it is known that they made the decision to separate a long time ago; they simply waited for the children to come of age, so as not to bother with documents for guardianship. There is still one “but” in Hugh’s new novel: Sutton, the publication writes, is also still married.

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