David Beckham and his 12-year-old daughter Harper repeated the iconic photo on the roof of a skyscraper.

Footballer David Beckham has long secured the title of father of the year (or even decade): his photographs or videos with his daughter Harper are a real stress reliever for fans. No, seriously, what could be cuter than stern Davidcutting hearts out of cucumbers for his daughter’s healthy smoothie?

And in general, judging by the athlete’s social networks, he rarely misses the opportunity to spend time with his 12-year-old daughter, even if this means agreeing to makeup by Harper herself. The day before, David published on his personal blog several pictures of a family day with a girl in New York, and it seems that Victoria Beckham’s mother will not like them.

The fact is that David and Harper decided to climb one of the local skyscrapers and repeat the photo “High-Rise Lunch” on a platform hanging over the city. The trick is dangerous! However, with such a caring dad nearby, Harper and Victoria hardly need to worry about anything.

Fans are completely moved by the touching pictures, but they don’t stop writing: “Be careful!” Vika, aren’t you writing this from fake accounts?

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