Bianca Censori told Kanye West that she would leave him if he did not fulfill one condition.

The sudden marriage of the controversial rapper and model makes not only Bianca Censori’s parents nervous, but also Kanye West’s fans. Fans are sure that the strange outfits in which Ye’s newly-made wife now goes out into the world are the work of the musician. However, Bianca herself, as it turned out, was not entirely happy with her relationship with her husband. Daily Mail writes that she gave Kanye an ultimatum: either he stops treating her like a “mute” or she breaks off all contact with him.

The girl announced this after a serious quarrel last month – then, the publication writes, the musician yelled at Bianca for allegedly losing control over her behavior. That evening, the couple went on a date, and the model behaved at ease: she dressed normally, drank, flirted and freely discussed the problems in their relationship. Kanye was furious. “She allegedly told him that she was tired of being his silent mute friend and that she was not his muse like Kim was and he couldn’t treat her like that,” the insider said.

Now fans are sure that if Kanye doesn’t meet his beloved halfway (and he won’t), the marriage will soon collapse. He either needs a girl whom he molds as if from plasticine, or he simply needs to moderate his ardor. It would be nice to implement the second option.

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