Tina Kunaki published a rare photo with her new lover: what is known about him.

After breaking up with Vincent Cassel, the 26-year-old_model, they said, could not find a place for herself. And then, just a few months later, Tina Kunaki was caught on a date with a stranger. Later it became clear that everything was serious with them. The star’s chosen one is photographer Victor Santiago. He, unlike his beloved, often publishes pictures with her – this is how, in fact, fans learned that the couple’s relationship is not limited to flirting. But Tina just the day before was generous with a whole shot, and in it the lovebirds show their feelings without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Vincent Cassel is in full swing building a relationship with model_Nara_Baptista, who has already been nicknamed the exact_copy of Tina on the Internet.

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