Paris Hilton’s bad joke about raising her son outraged fans.

From an avid party girl of the 2000s, Paris Hilton has long turned into an exemplary mother and an exemplary wife: she calls her son and husband the main men in her life and, not without difficulty, but with pleasure, learns all the maternal routines like changing diapers. By the way, it was this process that was the most difficult for the celebrity, and, by her own admission, she did not change the baby’s diapers during the entire first month of his life.

Having learned this from an episode of the reality show Paris In Love, fans attacked Paris with criticism and called her an irresponsible mother. She later decided to clarify the situation and revealed that it was just a harmless joke, nothing more. „Seriously, when it comes to being a mother, I am totally involved and enjoy every moment of it… Interesting how a playful comment can be taken so seriously,“ she wrote on her personal blog. However, Internet users did not like this statement even more.

Readers of Page Six are sure that the newly-made mother of two (Hilton recently gave birth to a daughter named London) is lying, but in fact she puts all the “dirty” work on the shoulders of nannies and housekeepers. “She is only fully involved unless it involves touching the baby,” “Unfortunately, I think she doesn’t do much and rarely changes diapers. She has nannies for this,” “Don’t joke about what everyone will believe,” commentators write. “It’s good that her nannies sign a non-disclosure agreement,” one of them said cryptically.

Paris Hilton, meanwhile, despite the hate, continues to prove to her ill-wishers that she is a good mother, protecting her 10-month-old son from tactless followers who believe that the baby is sick.

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