Kim Kardashian’s pants tore in a sexy spot right before going on stage – fans thank her.

For many years now, Kim Kardashian has proudly held the status of the most “artificial” woman in the world. An impeccable figure, makeup, clothes, carefully crafted speech, retouched photographs – even from the paparazzi – all this ceased to inspire admiration. Having grabbed a couple of, let’s not be afraid of this word, billions of angry comments, Kim slowly but surely began the path to naturalness. Pictures began to appear on the Internet every now and then in which acne was visible on the star , and not so long ago she admitted that it was incredibly difficult for her to raise children alone. It must be said that in the famous reality series The Kardashians, Kim became more popular.

In the latest episode, the star showed how her latex pants tore, right in that spot, 20 minutes before going on stage at the iConnections Global Alts financial conference. Permanent assistants helped correct the situation – the torn piece was glued with tape. Fortunately, Kim’s outfit included a long jacket, so covering up the misunderstanding was not difficult. By the way, the star also explained her choice of an unusual outfit for a business event – she just wants to be herself.

We don’t know what caused more public admiration, Kim’s honest confession or the very fact that such a life episode was included in the final edit of the reality show. Readers of the Daily Mail noted that Kim is changing, and for the better. Even the haters calmed down. “I was the one who wrote negative things to her, but now I’ll say thank you, she finally showed herself as real,” one noted. And we are afraid that if Kim continues in the same spirit, then activity on her social networks will decrease by two or even three times.

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