„Harry Potter“ star Daniel Radcliffe spoke about the main horror of fatherhood.

Just a few months ago, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe became a father for the first time – his beloved Erin Darke gave birth to a baby in April. The couple did not immediately reveal the sex of the child, nor did they reveal the name, but later it became clear: the on-screen boy with the scar had a son. On the first family walk, the newly-minted dad was wearing a respiratory mask, so fans were unable to see his emotions from parenthood. The day before, Radcliffe spoke about his feelings.

By his own admission, Daniel is horrified by his new status. And no, don’t worry: he is absolutely delighted with his son and admits that this is the best thing that has ever happened to him. But still, the fear for the baby is too great, as is the sense of responsibility, and therefore sometimes the actor becomes overwhelmed with anxiety. “Honestly, the fact that there is a person in the world that I care about and that everything he does will affect my life forever is scary,” he opened up in a conversation with E! News.

Well, in general, Dan seems to like being a dad. According to him, he discovered a lot of incredible things. “The less I sleep during the day, the more I sleep at night. But the less they sleep during the day, the less they sleep at night! It’s unexplainable!“ — the publication quotes the actor.

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