„I’m easy to manipulate.“ Britney Spears says she’s ‚learning to be single‘.

Britney Spears said she’s learning to be single after her divorce from husband Sam Asghari. In a new post on Instagram*, the singer said that she realized that “everything is not so good.”

„It’s so weird being single. I’ve had a lot_of_time_to_really_look_back_and_see_the_good_and_the_bad… I realized it wasn’t all good by talking to myself.“

The singer admitted that she was bored, but at the same time she was afraid of a lot. „So many people interfered with my life growing up, and now my life seems so selfish. Learning to enjoy it is amazing.“

„I am easily manipulated and I show my soul completely to a person. But I am working on it. I need_to_take_the_time_to_stop_and_look_around, re-evaluate myself and understand how good this is for me,“ she wrote.

The singer’s condition raises many questions among her fans: after breaking up with her husband, Britney Spears often began to publish not only nude photos, which quarreled her with her sons, but also pictures with unknown men . Fans also suspect that the singer is not taking the medications she needs to stabilize her condition after her breakdown in 2008, and there is no one to monitor her. Britney herself previously claimed that fans are not in vain to fear for her.

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