What the grown-up daughters of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban look like.

We haven’t seen such rare_footage for a long_time: 15-year-old_Sunday_Rose and 12-year-old_Faith_Margaret are infrequent guests on the social networks of actress_Nicole_Kidman and country_singer_Keith_Urban. And the girls’ celebrity parents also try to protect them from the attention of the paparazzi. But this time the photographers were lucky: they caught daughters Nicole and Keith at Sydney airport, where the girls flew with their father.

The young beauties have grown noticeably, but for some reason they look even less like their mother than in childhood. By the way, Nicole was not included in these shots because she was on a different flight. But Keith, like a true gentleman, returned to the airport early Sunday morning to meet his wife. We all wish we could cope with jet lag so easily!

Let us remind you that 56-year-old Nicole has two more older children – 30-year-old Isabella and 28-year-old Connor, whom she adopted with her first_husband_Tom_Cruise. When they were children, the actress often took them to various events, but Sunday and Faith rarely appear in public. They spend most of their time between Nashville and Australia, where the family now lives – away from the annoying attention of Hollywood reporters. But despite this, both daughters Nicole and Kita have already appeared on TV. They landed_roles as extras_on_Big_Little Lies and Play Back while hanging out with their mom on set. In general, remember these faces: we will probably see them more than once – at least in the movies.

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