It became known how much money Jada Pinkett Smith will receive in the event of a divorce from Will Smith.

The 26-year marriage of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has been considered exemplary for many years. The couple had an open relationship – the actor knew about his wife’s infidelities, he even tried his best to protect her from condemnation from the outside. But Will, as it turned out recently, hoped that their private life would remain secret, and Jada took it and made it public. Not only did she admit in a recent interview that they separated about seven years ago, but she also revealed that they did not draw up a prenuptial agreement. Now, as The Sun tabloid calculated, in the event of a divorce, Jada will receive exactly half of the movie star’s 350 million fortune.

Refusal of the contract, by the way, was a conscious decision. Giving vows to each other in 1997, the couple thought: if there is no divorce, why the division? It’s unlikely that Will and Jada, then in love, would have guessed how much noise their relationship would cause in 2023. Fans of the Smith family, by the way, are divided into two camps: some, after Jada’s revelation, are confident that an official divorce is just around the corner, while others believe Will. After an interview with the actress , he admitted that he had revealed a new side to her.

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