Irina Shayk and Tom Brady fueled rumors of a reunion.

Still, the Russian model is a mysterious girl. A few days ago, Irina and her daughter Leah were spotted at the opening of Bradley Cooper’s diner in New York. And yesterday, the paparazzi photographed our beauty in Miami, when she was getting into the car of another of her “exes,” American football star Tom Brady. TMZ writes that the couple fled as soon as they saw that they were being watched. The model even threw a sweatshirt over her head to avoid being caught on camera.

Let us remember that rumors about a romance between Shayk and Brady appeared in July, when the couple was caught near the athlete’s house. But already in October, TMZ, citing an anonymous insider, reported that they had broken up. So, did Tom give the model a ride out of old friendship or did the couple reunite? To be honest, we are completely confused, but we promise to follow developments.
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