Fans of Selena Gomez criticized her new lover – the singer responded.

Selena Gomez_recently_took her fans by surprise when she_announced_that she had been in a relationship for six months. On a banned social network, the star confirmed rumors of an affair_with_music_producer_Benny_Blanco. He has worked with many stars, such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Selena herself. In addition, Blanco often co-wrote songs with Justin Bieber, Gomez’s ex-boyfriend. It was this fact that greatly bothered the singer’s fans. Moreover, an interview from 2020 has surfaced on the Internet, in which, as it seems to fans, Benny is veiledly insulting Selena.

“Justin is not one of those_cookie-cutter_pop_artists. Well, you know the ones: “This is my_new_single, and here is my makeup_line.” And then Justin was like, “Yo, I have a pimple, and I also have anxiety today.” He always speaks frankly about such things. I think he’s really becoming an adult now. It’s brave to release a song like this,” Benny said while introducing Bieber’s new track “Lonely.” At that time, many Gomez fans decided that the producer was trying to prick Selena, who had just opened her own_cosmetics_brand, Rare Beauty. However, the comparison seemed strange to them, because Gomez also often and openly talked about her struggle with bipolar_disorder, depression and anxiety.

Well, now fans have remembered this story again and bombarded Selena with questions about why she decided to date a guy who spoke so unflatteringly about her. As a result, the singer herself responded to one of the comments. “Lol yeah and he’s still_better_than_anyone I’ve ever been with. Fact,” the star wrote. And for the most dull, she added that Benny is generally “the best thing that ever happened” to her and that he treats her “better than anyone on this planet.” In general, after a series of love failures , Gomez seems to finally be in a serious relationship – and even Bieber’s shadow is not a hindrance this time!

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