Angelina Jolie talks about the paralysis she experienced after her divorce from Brad Pitt.

The divorce_proceedings between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, which lasted_seven_years, pretty much exhausted the actress and forced her to look at many things differently: by her own admission, the celebrity became disillusioned with Hollywood, practically stopped leading a social life, and only communication with her children helped her cope with all the hardships; and now the celebrity is seriously considering moving to Cambodia. However, this is a small part of what happened to her. As it turned out, stress also affected Jolie’s physical health.

In a recent_interview_with_Vanity_Fair, Angie admitted that the stress caused by lengthy_legal_proceedings with her ex-husband triggered her paralysis. At one point, when the divorce was in full swing, one side of her face sagged and stopped moving. “My blood_sugar_levels go up and down. Six months before the divorce, I suddenly_developed_Bell’s_palsy,” Jolie said.

Now the actress’s face is fine, but fear, she says frankly, still remains. After all, with such a serious illness there is definitely no time for filming a movie.

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