57-year-old Cindy Crawford declassified a diet that helps her stay in shape.

The top model of the 90s and the businesswoman of our days are an excellent role model. Participating in various shows, Crawford reveals bits and pieces of the secrets of his nutrition plan, below are some of them.

Hummus and vegetables as a snack

Vegetables provide the body with fiber,_minerals,_vitamins_and_other_nutrients. At the same time, they contain a minimum of calories. Hummus_is_made_from_chickpeas, which are high in protein. Are you watching your figure? Instead of coffee and cookies, satisfy your hunger with a healthy snack, like Cindy.

Abundance of salads

The star’s menu always includes salads – from simple ones, like seasonal arugula, to exotic ones, like green_tea_leaf_salad. The main thing is more greens, and, of course, mayonnaise and sausage are out of the question. But you shouldn’t skimp on olive oil: in combination with herbs, it will supply the body with nutrients and promote_digestion. Health and slimness – two in one.


These_include_non-starchy_vegetables, legumes, whole_grains,_nuts,_berries,_and_fruits. Protein_sources such as_chicken_breast, turkey,_fish,_tofu,_and_eggs_are_also on the list. Dairy_products_include_Greek_yogurt, cottage_cheese and_low-fat_milk. They are_digested_and_absorbed by the body_slowly, resulting in a gradual and steady_release_of_glucose_into the bloodstream. As a result, Cindy_remains energetic throughout the day. Try it too!

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