Kourtney Kardashian subtly made fun of her sister Kim: what happened?

Recently, the stars of the family reality show have completely fallen out. It all started with Courtney’s wedding: then the sisters exchanged accusations about who ruined who’s holiday and who stole ideas from whom. This was followed by a multi-part exchange of pleasantries: the stars reproached each other with all their might for selfishness and toxicity, and Courtney even once called her younger sister a witch. Well, it got to the point that she even ignored Kim’s recent birthday.

But suddenly, in honor of Halloween, Courtney came out of the shadows: after all the scandals, she decided to dress up as Kim for the holiday. And no, it wasn’t a witch, but a copy of the image in which Kanye West’s then-wife came to the Met Gala back in 2013.

It turned out, I must say, one to one. So why did fans of the star family decide that this was another example of trolling from Courtney? We answer: Kim’s dress, which was created by Kanye’s close friend designer Riccardo Tisci, was once called one of the most tasteless in the history of the Met Gala. Fashion critics – real and sofa – practiced their wit with might and main and compared the outfit of pregnant Kim with the floral upholstery of the sofa. Many years later, the reality TV star even admitted that she cried all the way home.

However, this time Kim did not cry, but reposted her sister’s antics to her stories and added an applause emoji. So the prank can officially be considered a success.

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