Jennifer Lopez talks about how Ben Affleck changed her attitude towards herself.

Jennifer Lopez never stops praising her darling hubby.In a new interview with Vogue, the 54-year-old actress discussed how her marriage to Ben Affleck, which they began a year ago, damaged her self-esteem.As it turned out, it was owing to Ben that JLo finally fell entirely in love with herself.It’s no wonder that the actress feels „more beautiful“ with her hubby than with anybody else.
„I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I love every aspect of myself.“My body, my voice, my decisions, and my faults shaped who I am and lead me to where I am now.Ben wants me to comprehend and recognize my value.“I feel even more relaxed and at ease, which makes me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt with anyone else.“
Jennifer Lopez, singer, actress

Well, this is the ideal marriage, isn’t it? No, probably, the singer thinks at moments when more and more new footage of Ben’s communication with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner surfaces on the Internet . At least, sources of Western tabloids claim that these meetings haunt the star and in general all this could end badly. We look at the situation much more optimistically: we never stop admiring one of the most beautiful celebrity couples and are inclined to believe in the longevity of their union.

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