What is known about Sophie Turner’s boyfriend, with whom she started an affair two months after breaking up with Joe Jonas.

After breaking up with Joe Jonas, the actress did not grieve for long and just two months later she started a new romance. At least, this is the conclusion the public made from the photo of Sophie Turner’s passionate kiss with her chosen one, as well as the details of their short date. Whatever happens between the lovebirds, fans continue to dig out details about the identity of the actress’s new boyfriend, it turned out to be quite easy.

This is because Perry Pearson, or more precisely, the Honorable Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson, is not the last person in Great Britain. He is a true aristocrat, and his family’s fortune is estimated at £224 million – and that’s on a conservative basis. Perry is also the heir to the Curly estate in West Sussex, where there is currently a polo and golf club, a farm store, a cafe and cottages. The man manages the work of the complex independently. In addition, Perry, according to People, is the director of a development company.

Some details about the personal life of Sophie’s chosen one were also found on the Internet. For example, it is no secret that Perry recently broke up with model Maria Olympia, goddaughter of King Charles III, whom he dated for about three years. Sophie, by the way, has nothing to do with this; the breakup occurred back in July. In general, maybe it was not in vain that the actress’s heart called her to the UK? Due to the fact that the girl wanted to raise her daughters there, she and Joe, let us remember, had a quarrel.

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