Subscribers did not recognize Khloe Kardashian in new photos – now the star is accused of racism.

The Kardashian-Jenner family is no stranger to hate on social networks. The sisters were accused of everything: unsuccessful photoshop , and propaganda of a dangerous weight loss drug. But one of the most common complaints is their attempts to imitate representatives of another race. So, recently Kylie Jenner was caught stealing the image of a famous Latin American singer, and now Khloe Kardashian has come under attack. And here everything is much more serious: the reality TV star is accused of blackfishing – attempts to change her appearance to become like an African-American woman.

And the blame for everything is on the Halloween photos that Chloe posted on a forbidden network. In honor of the holiday, the reality TV star decided to bring back childhood to all millennials and transformed herself into a Bratz doll. But instead of nostalgic delight under the photos in which Khloe poses with dark brown self-tanner and giant false lips, there are completely negative comments. “At first I thought it was some random black woman,” “Does she really think that her African-American subscribers enjoy looking at this caricature?”, “You know that there is a white Bratz doll?” – followers criticize Chloe.

Subscribers also paid attention to other “dolls,” including Kim Kardashian. “I don’t understand anything, they all have exactly the same face,” “I can hardly even tell which one is Chloe,” “So you all just decided to dress up as black women for Halloween?” – Internet users are perplexed.

Hait, it seems, reached Chloe herself. But the celebrity did not apologize or delete the comments, but instead posted a meaningful message in her story. “You cannot control how others interpret your actions or words. Everyone perceives things based on their current situation and mindset. Just continue to act with integrity, love and a good heart,” the reality star wrote. Well, I wonder if such a positive and laconic answer satisfied all those who were dissatisfied.

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