New joint photos of Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper caused heated discussion on the Internet.

Model Gigi Hadid, 28, and actor Bradley Cooper, 48, are dead serious.At least, based on the regularity with which they are photographed by paparazzi.When cameras saw them in New York in early October, rumors about the celebrity romance began to circulate.Soon later, history repeated itself: footage of celebrities arriving in the city with a slew of luggage after a romantic weekend surfaced on the Internet.And, just a few weeks ago, Hadid and Cooper went for a walk in the pouring rain, which shocked tabloid readers, who immediately accused them of fabricating it.

And it appears that the stars have learnt their lesson, as they keep their distance in the new images and usually act as if they don’t know each other.The „suspects“ departed the elite New York club Zero Bond together after a party arranged by Taylor Swift for her famous friends, according to the Daily Mail.Yes, the same one at whose home the pair had secret dates.

This plot did not persuade Internet users of anything.They believe Hadid should avoid the actor, who is 20 years her senior.“Serial womanizer puffing up his ego.““Shrinking Old Man“, „Why do women feel the need to put themselves out there while men don’t feel the need to make even the smallest effort?““She’s dressed up, and he’s dressed like a homeless person,“ Daily Mail commenters are upset.

There were also many who criticized the model itself.Commentators were particularly perplexed as to why Gigi attends parties but does not spend time with her three-year-old daughter Hai.“So Yolanda is looking after your baby with Zayn?“Or are there genuine nannies? – one Internet user sneers, implying a major scandal involving Hadid’s mother and her child’s father, Zayn Malik.“Hey Gigi, how about when the work day is over you stay home with the baby instead of trying to prove to the world that the cool guys want you?“- comments another, recalling the model’s recent outings with Leonardo DiCaprio.

We don’t blame anyone; we only recall Bradley and Irina and their adorable daughter disguised as raccoons.This was true street fashion!

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