Netizens Call Paris Hilton an Irresponsible Mother, and Here’s Why.

When the star announced that she had a son, those whose teenage years were in the 2000s did not immediately believe the crazy party queen. However, with each photo of Paris Hilton with baby Phoenix, with each new interview, it became increasingly clear that the restless star always lacked children. Loyal fans, of course, guessed that it was difficult for a celebrity to care for a child: she has been white-handed since childhood. In the latest episode of the reality show Paris in Love, the new mother confirmed this.

The episode was quite harmless. “Should I learn how to change diapers?” – asked her sister Paris, who had never done this. But later, under the supervision of Nika and Phoenix’s nanny, she changed her son’s diaper. “Okay, I’m scared. I said I won’t do this on my birthday, but I will do it for you. Everything for Phoenix,” the socialite addressed her son. Some viewers admitted that they shed a tear: how touching it is that the “blonde in chocolate” has turned into a real woman and mother and is ready to change for the sake of her son. Others began to criticize, saying that she “bought” the children and was also irresponsible.

By the way, the star recently said that she resorted to the services of a surrogate mother because of her diagnosis . After so many years in show business, Paris probably knew what kind of reaction her decision would cause. Even the little Phoenix, whose head seemed too big to the public, has already received some hate. However, if the celebrity does not pay attention to criticism addressed to her, then she did not give offense to the child and promised to deal with everyone who says anything offensive in his direction.

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