Photos of luxurious Christmas decorations at Kim Kardashian’s home have leaked online.

If anyone in Los Angeles had trouble sleeping last night, we know why. The Kardashian-Jenner family has already decorated their luxurious mansions for the upcoming Christmas, and, frankly, there is so much light and sparkle in these decorations that our eyes watered. And no, it’s not out of envy.

The Daily Mail published rare footage of what the homes of members of the Hollywood family now look like. And if Chloe or, say, mom Kris chose a rather modest Christmas decoration, then Kim went wild.

By the way, have you already noticed that although Kim’s house looks very festive, she managed with rather restrained decoration – she just decorated the trees in the yard and no elves or deer for you? Apparently, the internal changes of Kanye West’s ex-wife affected not only her style of dressing.

Well, if Santa Claus really exists, he may be closing the competition for the most beautiful holiday decorations – the winner is obvious.

However, Kim has one competitor – her younger sister Kylie Jenner. Her own brand of clothing and cosmetics was no longer enough, and she decided to outdo her sister in literally everything. And she didn’t even skimp on space for the giant nutcrackers. Although it would be better, of course, if a cardboard Willy Wonka with the face of his beloved Timothée Chalamet looked in her yard.


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