Paris Hilton named the real reason why her children were carried by a surrogate mother.

This year, the socialite_became a mother twice – with a difference of six months. There was no doubt that Paris Hilton resorted_to_the_services of a surrogate_mother. Previously, the celebrity vaguely explained why she did not give birth herself, but fans were not satisfied with the answer. But the day before, Paris seemed to have decided to close this topic once and for all.

The star told Romper that she felt she wouldn’t be able to bear children. She was found to have_post-traumatic_stress_disorder, a result of the sexual, physical_and_psychological_abuse she faced as a teenager. On top of that, at the private school where Paris studied, the doctors treated the girls with disdain – since then she has avoided medical institutions. “If I’m in a doctor’s office and they give me a shot, whatever, I have a panic_attack and I can’t breathe,” she shared. “I knew that severe anxiety would not be good for me or for the child.”

Paris also admitted that freedom is important to her. Despite her enormous financial fortune and incredible opportunities, she was not ready to go on maternity_leave.

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