Tom Holland spoke about his relationship with Zendaya for the first time in a long time.

The public knows very little about the relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya. The actors did not even confirm their romance. But fans are confident in their idols; for peace of mind, random paparazzi shots and rare comments are enough for them. The same cannot be said about haters. Onlookers endlessly search the Internet for evidence that Zendaya and Tom’s feelings have faded. Not so. The day before, the actor made it clear that everything was fine with his beloved. During an interview_with_the_SAG-AFTRA_foundation, he complimented her: “Zendaya is perhaps the most honest with me from my circle. I like it“.

The only people who can compete with her are Robert_Downey_Jr. and Benedict_Cumberbatch, whom Tom has admired since childhood. If an opportunity arises, the actor turns to them for advice. “Robert_taught_me a lot and I_always_sing_his_praises, I love the guy,” Tom said. Zendaya will certainly be a wonderful wife: jealousy, apparently, is an unfamiliar feeling for her. By the way, there have been no talks about the wedding yet, although the actress strongly hinted that big changes awaited her and Tom.

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