Britney Spears turned to her family amid her father’s worsening illness, but there is one “but”.

Since it became known about the amputation of Britney Spears‘ father’s leg, there has not been a single comment from the pop diva on this matter. Moreover, Jamie Spears has been seriously ill for quite some time, and during all these months the singer, as insiders reported, has not contacted him to talk while there is still time for this. The day before, a post appeared on the artist’s Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) for the first time in a long time, mentioning her family, but not everything is so simple.

Spears posted a clip from her performance and added: “When you get hugged by your family and you realize that there are people you can trust.” By family, Britney obviously meant her fans, to whom, in fact, she then confessed her love, but still not a word about her sick father. Next, she shared photos with children, one dance video and one nude – all according to the rules of the genre.

Well, either Britney hasn’t read the news for more than a day, or she’s simply ignoring the fact that her dad’s health is rapidly deteriorating. We’re not going to judge the singer: she’s said more than once how painful the years under Jamie’s tutelage were for her, but if only these guys would just sit down and talk. It seems like it’s time.

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