Angelina Jolie told how her life changed after the start of legal proceedings with Brad Pitt.

In recent years, the Hollywood actress has rarely given interviews. And although_Angelina_Jolie_continued to act in films, the public was worried about only one thing: the protracted divorce from Brad Pitt. Seven_years_later, in August of this year, the former spouses came to a compromise – at least documented. Nevertheless, Angelina still feels the consequences of the lawsuit.

In an interview_with_The_Wall_Street_Journal, she admitted that during this time she became disillusioned with Hollywood, calling it “unhealthy” and “superficial.” Angelina, she says, has no social life. Her closest people are her six children and refugees. Therefore, at the first opportunity, when the actress settles the legal nuances of the divorce, she will leave for Cambodia – where Maddox was born. “I lost the_ability_to_live and travel_freely. This is part of what happened after the divorce. I want to move as soon as I can,” the star shared.

Now the family continues to “heal”, although they use strange methods. Let us remind you that over the past few weeks, the children of Angelina and Brad have been “cancelling” their father. First, 18-year-old Zahara threw a stone at the garden , and then long-standing statements by another adopted child of the Pax actors surfaced. Brad, by the way, has already responded to the accusations .

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