Kim Kardashian came out wearing crystals on her naked body.

It seems that Kim Kardashian made a wish on her 43rd birthday to stay in the tabloid headlines, and it immediately began to come true. For weeks now, Kanye West’s ex-lover has not tired of delighting the public and shining here and there. Either she earned more than a million dollars in a minute, then she released an extreme bra with built-in nipples… And the day before she caused heated discussions on the Internet with her appearance at the opening of the Swarovski flagship store in New York.

For the event, Kim chose an outfit made of crystals on her naked body and nothing else. Almost. The lower part of her suit made of precious stones covered shorts from the Swarovski X SKIMS collection (apparently, the collaboration with world sports stars Kardashian was not enough, and she decided to go further: now the celebrity produces underwear and other clothes studded with signature crystals).

Readers of the Daily Mail are already predicting Kim the title of the most beautiful woman in the world after this public appearance, and any negativity in her direction, they say, simply fades against the background of this shining set of miniskirt and top.

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