Kanye West’s wife is furious over Kim Kardashian’s revelations about her ex-husband.

The rapper and his wife have already become known as the craziest couple in show business, and therefore Kim Kardashian’s stories about their lifestyle did not confuse the public one bit. In one of the last episodes of The Kardashians, the celebrity casually mentioned that Kanye West and Bianca Censori do not have a cook or even security. “When North (West and Kardashian’s daughter – Ed.) goes to visit her father, she says: “Dad is the best. He has no assistants. Why don’t you, Mom, have an apartment? I can’t believe it.” “,” the star shared her pain.

Kim clearly did not have the goal of revealing the secrets of her ex-husband, but Bianca was simply furious after her public statements. “She believes it was vulgar for Kim to disclose this information. By doing so, she actually jeopardized the safety of her children. The public doesn’t need to know that their children could be left unprotected at any time,” an insider told the Daily Mail. And in general, Kanye and Bianca, as it turns out, no longer live in the apartment, and a whole team of bodyguards is monitoring their peace.

Kim, Bianca’s source tells us, it’s high time she stopped making her ex-husband look bad: “She just wants Kim to stop talking about her ex-husband, leave them alone and mind her own business.” And North shouldn’t be upset. Her mother can buy a small apartment and make modest renovations in it just once or twice.

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