Fresh photos of Zac Efron have leaked online – the actor is unrecognizable.

Sometimes it seems that the famous Disney graduates were taught not only acting, but also the art of bewildering the public. Well, look for yourself: either Britney Spears with naked dances, or Miley Cyrus with extreme images, or the unrecognizable Zac Efron… By the way, about him. The actor previously claimed that he never resorted to facial plastic surgery, and all the metamorphoses (including swollen lips) are the result of an accident: the High School Musical star once broke his jaw, as a result of which his muscles increased in size.

Be that as it may, fans are increasingly inclined to believe that Efron simply could not resist the temptation to try out enhancement procedures and therefore became unlike himself. And the day before, his latest interview and footage from the filming of the film appeared on the Internet, in which Zach is completely unrecognizable – the public is sounding the alarm.

Users are confident that Zach’s face and jaw in particular have become even larger than before. Additionally, judging by the photos, he is actively involved in his physical fitness, and therefore the muscularity increases it. In addition, as a result of either a hard fall or excessive plastic surgery, Efron’s facial muscles practically stopped moving.

“Oh my God, Zach, what happened to you?” “I think he tells a story about a jaw accident every time he gets drastic cosmetic procedures. The odds of him winning an Oscar are higher than the odds of someone tripping twice at home and breaking their jaw to the point where they start growing a head.“ „The fillers on his cheeks make his face look unreal! How can Hollywood stars think that people will go to the movies to look at frozen faces?” “Increased skull growth is usually a sign of steroid use, I bet he took similar substances,” said social media users and Page Six readers.

Some jokers even compared Zack to the cartoon character „Shrek“ Lord Farquaad… In general, all this would be funny if it weren’t so sad. We hope that if the actor really resorts to operations, he will stop as soon as possible. After all, there is less and less of the handsome man with whom girls fell in love in droves, and more and more of the cartoon character.

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