Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum came out after reports of their engagement: fans were confused by one detail in the photo.

A source_confirmed to People_magazine that Channing_Tatum and_Zoe_Kravitz are engaged. It was noted that the actress_showed off the same diamond_ring at a Halloween_party.

However, the fans‘ joy was short-lived. Yesterday, Zoe was spotted leaving the Sunset_Tower_Hotel in West_Hollywood, where a party was held to celebrate the end of the strike. The actress was wearing_baggy_jeans, a dark_coat and… without a ring on that same finger. And everything would be fine, but, as the Daily Mail notes, this is the third time the star has been seen without the treasured jewelry since the engagement was reported. Fans are confused. Someone has already doubted that the engagement really happened, and someone, like one of the Daily Mail readers, is sure that everything is ok, and therefore jokes: “Yes, Zoe is trying to avoid being robbed in this way, since you don’t stop talking about her ring.“

Well, to be honest, we are just waiting for photos from the wedding – we are sure it will be incredibly beautiful and stylish.

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