Netizens criticized Jennifer Lopez’s winter look: photo

Recently, we have begun to notice changes in Jennifer Lopez’s style: the 54-year-old star is increasingly wearing modest, covered outfits instead of the usual bright and sexy ones. Recently, J.Lo’s fans have already been amazed by her monochrome gray look and extremely unusual choice of shoes . So for shopping at an elite jewelry store in Beverly Hills, the star chose a cozy, warm outfit – oversized faded jeans, a dusty rose-colored sweater with a high collar and “men’s” boots with chunky soles. Only her status accessories gave the diva away – huge black sunglasses in broad daylight and the iconic Birkin bag.

Netizens, who are used to seeing J. Lo in full dress, did not appreciate such a casual appearance by the celebrity. “This is a terrible image for a short woman,” “Didn’t she say that she only gets sexier with age? Apparently, she took a day off”, “Doesn’t she look in the mirror before going out?”, “The collar of this sweater looks like it was chewed a little by a dog, and I can’t even begin to describe these jeans,” British readers do not feel sorry for Jennifer tabloid Daily Mail. Well, in this case, we can only suggest that Ben Affleck’s wife take a couple of winter fashion lessons from Irina Shayk. Our beauty knows how to keep warm in style !

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