Meryl Streep came out with an engagement ring – she recently announced her divorce from her husband after 45 years of marriage.

We are already accustomed to the fact that celebrities quickly say goodbye to the past: not even a day passes from the news of separation before celebrities go out into the world without a wedding ring on their finger or with a new lover (or lover). But actress Meryl Streep took a different path. Her divorce from her husband Don Hammer became known less than a month ago (although at the time of publicity the couple had not lived together for 6 years), but the star of the film “The Devil Wears Prada” apparently has no intention of taking off the ring from her ring finger.

The day before, the actress was caught by paparazzi for the first time since the news of the breakup as she left a party in Los Angeles. Imagine the surprise of the fans when, looking closer, they saw in the photographs that Meryl was still wearing a wedding ring. Some Daily Mail readers, having thoroughly studied the photographs, suggested that 74-year-old Streep simply decided not to traumatize her eldest son, with whom she went out into the world, while others are sure that it’s all about the warm feelings that Meryl and Don retained for each other after divorce.

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