Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 49th birthday on a grand scale: details and photos.

Leonardo_DiCaprio’s_49th birthday passed the other day. Western tabloids compared the size of the party to the size of the Titanic, and no wonder: there were tons of people there! Of course, special attention is paid to the celebrity guests, of whom the actor had plenty at the holiday – from Kim Kardashian to Snoop Dogg. Let’s take a closer look at who pleased Leo with his presence at the evening.

According to the Daily Mail, everyone was at the party: Kate_Beckinsale, Salma_Hayek, Lady_Gaga, Beyoncé_and_Jay-Z, Rita_Ora and Taika_Waititi, the recently engaged Channing_Tatum and Zoe_Kravitz, Kris Jenner’s longtime lover Corey_Gamble, and even_Harry_Styles crossed paths with his ex Olivia Wilde at an event. The celebration took place at DiCaprio’s private_residence in Beverly Hills.
Judging by the outfits, the celebrities prepared thoroughly for Leonardo’s birthday: such bright makeup and luxurious outfits are not seen on every red carpet!

By the way, the paparazzi failed to catch Leo himself, apparently because, according to rumors, he tenderly kissed his 25-year-old lover Vittoria Ceretti all evening. I still had to leave the embrace of my chosen one a couple of times, of course. Rumor has it that at the height of the party, the birthday boy was carried in his arms across the entire hall, and the party ended around four in the morning. And this is exactly how you should celebrate_turning_49!

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