Kim Kardashian is unrecognizable in new photos – Internet users are delighted.

Kim Kardashian releases campaigns for her lingerie brand Skims one after another. Only fashionistas had time to move away from her luxurious collaboration with Swarovski when it was time to shell out for a new, this time Christmas, collection. The leading role in the promotional photos is, of course, Kim herself. True, not everyone immediately recognized the star – she was so transformed by retro makeup, a blonde wig and a revealing ski tan


Surprisingly, Internet users clearly approved of the image, and this doesn’t happen often with Kim. “Cool concept and aesthetics. Finally!”, “I like the whole campaign. Kim actually looks beautiful, although I’m usually not a fan of the way she dresses,” “Very cute vintage theme,” readers of the Daily Mail tabloid praise Kardashian. In general, the key to the hearts of haters has finally been found – vibes of nostalgia and carefree relaxation.


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