Kendall Jenner explained why she still doesn’t have children.

Kendall’s name and the word „pregnancy“ have frequently appeared together on the Internet in recent weeks.All because the paparazzi failed to shoot the model on the street recently, and her mother dreamed of a new addition to the family.Chris, by the way, was tense since a foal had been delivered at Kendall’s stable the day before – there are too many indicators.The family’s leader did not torment her followers and instead asked her daughter a direct question: will she have children at all?

„Of course, no more than three.“Although two will suffice.I simply want my child to have a sibling.“I know that,“ the concerned mother said in a recent episode of The Kardashians.Kendall stressed that she would want to give her mother a grandchild, but only when the time is right.The actress claims that she is not ready to say goodbye to freedom.“I like the ease of simply picking it up and going somewhere,“ she said.

Kendall ultimately calmed her mother by revealing that when it comes to having children, she follows tradition.The fashion diva stated that she would not want to have children with just anyone.Go nuts, Bad Bunny!

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