It became known who was the last to see Matthew Perry on the last day of his life and who found him in the jacuzzi

For some time after the news of the tragic death of Matthew Perry, fans were sure that the last person the actor met was the mysterious (though now not very) girl with whom he was seen in a restaurant the day before his death. Perry’s body, as previously reported, was found by police in the jacuzzi of his luxury home in Los Angeles, but new information appeared the day before.

As the Daily Mail learned, for a long time Matthew lived not in his own mansion, but in a rented house with 59-year-old Japanese assistant Kenny Iwamasa. A few weeks before his death, he returned to his own cottage to check how things were going with the repairs. It is Kenny, it is specified, who was with the “Friends” star until his death and, in all likelihood, was the last person to find him alive, as well as the first person to find him dead. Iwamasa, as reported by the publication, avoids any comments.

It is also reported that Kenny Iwamasa helped Matthew Perry conduct business for 25 years. For the last month, he lived in the actor’s house, where Matthew himself, according to Iwamasa’s relatives, was incredibly happy to return and considered his home a real paradise.

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