“This should be prohibited by law”: new photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck with the actor’s children shocked Internet users.

We are already accustomed to indignant comments under every photo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – but this time, in truth, we ourselves are ready to join in the criticism. After all, the complaints of Internet users are much more serious than the bored appearance of an actor or the inappropriate outfit of a singer. After another joyful meeting with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, the Batman star, as always, decided to spend time with his legal wife. Yesterday, paparazzi caught Affleck and Lopez in a silver Rolls-Royce Ghost as they drove out of their Los Angeles mansion.

Along with the couple in the car were the actor’s 11-year-old son Samuel and 14-year-old daughter Serafina. However, their presence did not stop Ben from taking several drags on his cigarette. This fact especially outraged Internet users. “Smoking with children in the car? This should be illegal!”, “It’s disgusting to expose your child to cigarette smoke,” “Can’t he really afford nicotine patches?”, “Second-hand smoke for my son. Great parenting, Ben,” “He’s just a pathetic, selfish loser,” furious readers of the Daily Mail portal write in the comments.

However, some commentators suggested that the photo was taken at a time when there was no one in the back seat. But they also found something to present to the actor. “So they tell us that he quit drinking and now leads a healthy lifestyle, and at the same time he kills himself by smoking?” – one reader wonders. “I would never let a guy smoke in my Hyundai, but Jen doesn’t even mind a Rolls-Royce? How desperate do you have to be to agree to this,” another one marvels.

And by tradition, users doubted that Affleck and Lopez were doing well in their marriage. “Do they look happy? Not quite”, “JLo has aged next to him”, “If you want to see a truly happy couple, look at the photo of Ben and Jennifer Garner,” users wrote.

Jennifer Lopez previously told how her self-esteem had changed in her relationship with Ben. And Internet users suspected the couple of playing for the public.

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