Kanye West and Bianca Censori took a break in their relationship: what happened?

Between rapper Kanye West and his young wife, it seems that a black cat really has run through. First, Bianca Censori returned in splendid isolation to her native Australia, where, according to rumors, her relatives had a heart-to-heart talk with her. And now The Sun, citing a source close to the couple, reported that just 10 months after the wedding, the couple took a break in their relationship.

According to the insider, Bianca temporarily broke up with Kanye at the request of her loved ones (and they, as we remember, are difficult people ). “Her family never liked Ye and they doubt that getting married was the right decision. He is difficult to communicate with and work with, and Bianca is one of the most patient people who have ever dealt with him,” the source said.

Surprisingly, Kanye himself is not particularly upset by this turn of events. The rapper is completely immersed in work on the album, which he is currently recording in Saudi Arabia. “To be honest, he doesn’t seem too worried about it. Now he only cares about music,” said a friend of the couple.

By the way, the spouses may reunite before the release of the new disc – against the wishes of Bianca’s loved ones. “She might get back to him for the album launch. She likes this lifestyle, but it’s obvious that her friends and family don’t want it,” says an insider who gave an anonymous comment to The Sun.

The source added that Kanye feels happier and more focused when Bianca is around, but she is stressed due to the increased attention on their relationship. At the same time, West and Censori themselves have not yet officially commented on rumors of separation.

Earlier, another source close to the couple told the Daily Mail that the rapper had established a strict set of rules for his wife. According to him, the 46-year-old performer forbade Bianca to speak in public, controlled her clothing style and even her diet. All this more than once led to scandals during their summer trip to Italy.

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