Selena Gomez’s mother showed rare archival photos of the singer and addressed her.

The public life of singer Selena Gomez is a real roller coaster: waves of hate towards her are replaced by admiration, and so on in a circle. Fortunately, something consistently good always remains with her – this is family. The artist herself has said more than once that her family comes first for her, and the documentary “My Mind and Me” is proof of this (its warmest episodes are those that Selena spends with relatives and in her hometown). Last night, singer Mandy Teefy Gomez’s mother touchedently addressed her daughter on social media.

The woman published several childhood photos of Selena and emphasized that, despite all the hardships they had to go through, the most important thing is that they remained a family. “The fact that we are where we are today is simply incredible. We have been through so much with you, but the most important thing is that we are family first,” Mandy wrote. Selena immediately commented on the post with the words “I love you so much, mommy.”

By the way, did you notice that in the first photo Mandy Teefey could easily be confused with Selena? They are just one person!

Selena’s fans, by the way, know very well that she really had to go through a lot. The artist grew up in a poor family and worked hard since childhood so that her loved ones could live better. Well, in addition, she is still struggling with serious health problems – mental and physical. It is not surprising that the singer’s mother speaks so reverently about her daughter and their past.
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