Kylie Jenner ridiculed her sister Kendall for her inability to cut onions.

Kris Jenner may be the supermom of all Hollywood, but this is not Oksana Samoilova, who teaches her daughters to sew and wash dishes in the field so that they do not suffer from star fever. The entire Kardashian-Jenner family knows very well from the cradle that they are unlikely to have to bother with cooking or, say, cleaning: the schedule is too busy, and therefore there is no point in developing culinary skills, and they can skip home economics classes.

But jokes are jokes, and when a video of Kendall Jenner cutting a cucumber in a very strange way went viral last year, fans, like mom Kris, were shocked. But the model’s sisters apparently were so amused by this that they still can’t forget Kendall’s little fuck-up. On Instagram*, the celebrity’s younger sister Kylie posted a video of Kendall cutting an onion, and this story definitely looks like another meme. “You’re doing pretty well,” Kylie said in a voiceover.

Netizens have already appreciated that the skill has noticeably improved since last year, which means it will continue to do better, but for now, together with Kylie and the rest of the star family, we can still giggle at Kendall’s inability. However, it was Thanksgiving after all, so we’d better just support Kendall and wish her the same skill in the kitchen as she does on the catwalk.

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