Justin Bieber touchingly congratulated his wife Hailey on her 27th birthday.

Hailey Bieber’s haters can insist as much as they want that her relationship with Justin is not real, but the singer stubbornly continues to prove the opposite. As soon as the wave of hatred on the Internet towards his beloved surges with renewed vigor, Bieber immediately rushes to support his wife with a sweet post with joint photographs and a declaration of love. This time, fortunately, no attacks from users were required to once again admire my wife. Hayley celebrated her 27th birthday the day before, and on this occasion the singer of the hit Baby reached out to her on Instagram*.

„Happy Birthday baby. You make my life wonderful. And yes, I’m the lucky one who got all of you,” Justin wrote and sealed his loving birthday message with a touching video of the couple tenderly kissing.

So, does anyone else still not believe these two?

In the comments, by the way, Justin’s followers were divided into two camps (well, everything is as usual): some of them insist that these are normal relationships between normal people, and another part stands their ground and argues for the supposed falsity of their love with different and such resonant images when going out together. Fortunately, Hayley clarified this point a long time ago , and there is nothing to worry about.

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