In Jennifer Lopez’s latest photos, fans were struck by one detail in her image.

We’re so used to seeing Jennifer Lopez in high heels that it seems like she was born wearing them. Therefore, yesterday’s appearance of the star in public wearing flat shoes caused everyone’s surprise.

54-year-old JLo was spotted choosing plants for her home. But it wasn’t just simple black shoes like ballet flats that caught the attention of Daily Mail reporters. The thing is that the singer was not wearing tight clothes with a deep neckline, which everyone was used to seeing her in, but a modest, elegant beige dress with a long flared skirt.

The star also accessorized her look with her favorite hoop earrings, huge sunglasses, a crocodile leather bag, and didn’t forget to wear the green diamond ring that Ben Affleck gave her.

What do you think of JLo? We love the star in all her looks and definitely like this one.

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