Classmates of Angelina Jolie’s daughter, who refused Brad Pitt’s surname, condemned her action.

While the public is canceling Hollywood stars for statements made ten years ago, Brad Pitt is being canceled by his children. We don’t even know who is worse. 18-year-old Zahara renounced her father , and publicly – at the initiation ceremony into the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. After this, the Network literally exploded with details about Brad’s relationship with his children. For example, long-standing statements about the “asshole” father of another adopted child of the actors, Pax, surfaced, to which Pitt has already responded . The couple’s children, of course, are friendly, but the public, as it turns out, does not support such antics.

Zakhara’s new classmates, for example, are surprised by her action. Page Six writes that the guys, having learned that the heiress of Jolie and Pitt would study with them, were counting on a personal meeting with the actor. “It was already big news when she decided to go to school in Atlanta, and her mom is very nice to everyone when she comes to visit,” the insider shared. “But honestly, we want to see her dad.” Well, we hope karma will not overtake the Pitt children, but the anger of classmates, and at the beginning of their studies, risks turning into bullying.

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